30 April, 2007

ABN Amro Up for Sale

WASHINGTON (Menafn - MarketWatch) -- The chief executive of ABN Amro is at risk of losing his job after the Dutch bank reversed course and allowed a takeover consortium to access its books, according to a media report.

Sunday's The Independent, a British newspaper, reported that CEO Rijkman Groenink only changed his position against allowing the Royal Bank of Scotland-led group to perform due diligence on ABN ABN after coming under intense shareholder pressure to consider their bid.

ABN is weighing competing bids Britain's Barclays PLC , offering about $91 billion, and the proposal by the RBS group, which is worth about $100 billion.

I wonder if the Arab Investors are going to jump in!!


fake balushi said...

The logo of abn amro and sppinneys is the same!

they know arabs wont be able to see that.

Anonymous said...

i am sure al musharek bank will

portugal homes for sale said...

As long as everybody receives a handsome profit, I am sure nobody minds where the buyers come from.

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