20 April, 2007

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center

OK...time for an Aaahhh moment! This is Diego the cheetah and Lilly the serval cat from the ADWC. To learn more about them and ADWC visit my blog You can also visit their site directly at www.abudhabiwildlifecentre.com Enjoy!


i*maginate said...


Al Ain Taxi said...

Aaaah! indeed

Jinx said...

Thanks again ..M

ragenth said...

hi there

could any one guide us to animal sanctuary in uae

in today friday magzine also it was mentined axb wild life sanc but no nos and location
we would love to see all those

Anonymous said...

Very nice - but have been trying to find out a location so that we can visit - can find nothing anywhere except other people asking where it is with no answers at all - very very poor! The published phone number is unobtainable. A ridiculous situation that will not help them in any way.

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