07 April, 2007

Advertising in Blogs

Just out of curiosity, I wonder what others think about having ads posted in blogs. Some have them, many don't, including this one. Personally, I'm against it--not that I mind people making money through the effort they put into blogging, but because I find the placement of these ads often detracts and distracts from the content of the blog itself. I often find myself having to scroll down or hunt for the real content in the face of ads all over the place. If the ads could just be more discreet, but by its very raison d’être an ad cannot be discreet.

In addition I see blogs as having a certain aesthetic which sets them apart from a lot of other things on the net. One component of this aestheic is the non-commercial element. We know when we read a blog that it is the genuine expression of an individual attempting to either share a part of himself/herself or at least contribute to dialog on an important issue. This is the beauty of blogging and advertizing sort of takes away from that.


Prometheus said...

Precisely. Random ads in blogs and even worse those PayPerPosts remind Prometheus of the world's oldest profession.

secretdubai said...

I haven't seen a PayPerPost before.

I have Google Ads, but keep them to a minimum, and low down the page. (No wonder I make about $1 per week from them!) I started them as an experiment but now I kind of like the fact that Google Adsense has an all-time search word analysis - meaning I can find out the top search words to my blog for any time period.

And yeah the top hit is sex. Followed by gay, massage, prostitution and prostitute.

secretdubai said...

Oh and BD - I fixed your headline to the more common spelling, so more people may stumble across this post (via Blogsearch/Google whatever) since I think it is an important subject.

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