17 April, 2007


Full story (CNN).

One cynical comment: Good! The US may finally go about outlawing gun possession. How loony it is for a country with so much gun crime to continue respecting the individual's right to bear arms. WAKE UP, America.


Anonymous said...

relevance to the UAE

A world of Symphony said...

So reminiscent of Columbine and its occurrence in April.

What is it about April?

Anonymous said...

Some people are stupid and still can't understand that this community is only about the UAE.

John B. Chilton said...

Relevance to the UAE is obvious.

Criticism is healthy. Those who write critically about the UAE also write critically about their own countries.

B.D. - Alternatively, note that the US has created certain gun free zones, such as campuses. If anyone in that classroom had been armed besides the killer the outcome would have been different.

Mubarak said...

I reiterate anon comment literally: RELEVANCE TO UAE?????

Anonymous said...

To use "good" in this context seems like being in really poor taste. And relevance to the UAE is questionable. Perhaps if there was a comparison between guns per capita, gun related crimes, etc. between the two countries, it may be relevant. As it stands it's just a chance to make a personal political statement about the US.

Anonymous said...

john b. chilton, and where is the criticism?! You live in Virginia anyway, our condolences to your people. My first respond though, “God, please don’t make it an Arab”

B.D, yeah right. Unless those shootings were in Harvard, they will never ban it. Besides, I think the person was a student and he got an F in his MAT 400.5 test (stereotypical) so he decided to screw everyone. Good thinking, kudos to the Americans, funny responses on Alarabyah TV channel website though. BTW, it reminds me of an article I read last year in Newsweek mentioning the high suicidal rate on campuses in the United States; compare that with UAE that you always criticize.

Ok this is going to be racist, my question is we, Arabs, who are living in the US suffers from racial profiling almost daily. Now the shooter was an Asian according to some sources, should I start profiling them starting today in my school? Oh great, that will be fun we have probably over 50 percent Asians. One improvement we can do in the UAE is to introduce racial profiling. I think it is a fair treatment for many expatriates (think).

I think you got my point. Morally, the United States is in no position to be better than the UAE; the strong Islamic and traditional values (that many people criticize our society) are the one that governs our society, which makes it morally strong.

Relevance to the UAE? well, is there any Emarati student in Virginia Tech? I bet so.

A world of Symphony said...

With all due respect, this post may not have any relevance to the UAE but it does have relevance to something known as ‘human life’, which is as precious wherever it exists.

So, the least one can do is treat these victims with dignity instead of sharp shooting issues in the dark, which have no relevance to this post.

Let us not blah you, blah me, blah this, blah that but instead mourn any victim(s) that has, and/or will perish as a result of senseless violence.

And yes, I say ‘damn you’ to all those but most of all gun manufacturers that advocate and lobby the 2nd Amendment.

Justin Case said...

Just in case you didnt know this is of no relevant in U.a.E
if u dont like it then leave.

Anonymous said...

Human life ?

Are you trying to tell us the Americans are humans and the rest are aliens ? This kinda news should be kept for the east cost, it has nothing to do with the UAE.

I guess everyone should start picking up these kinda news from other countries and start posting them here...because it has alot to do with human life. (Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Africa, Madrid bombing etc...)

Wait till they come up with a terrorist/arab story. Oh wait he was an asian, if we make a big story out of him, then China will refuse to take our orders.

Welcome to the land of the free...

rosh said...

"Morally, the United States is in no position to be better than the UAE; the strong Islamic and traditional values (that many people criticize our society) are the one that governs our society, which makes it morally strong. "

As someone who've had an opportunity to live and experience both nations/peoples - I feel your views are shortsighted & unfortunate.

The fundamental difference between the two - the former (US) recognizes it's faults, weaknesses (if not all) and acts upon ‘em - than most nations.

If there is a chance for the truth to come out - it’s BEST chance is in the US. If there is going to be a FAIR TRIAL - it's in the United States. Sure they've got their share of faults/weaknesses/skeletons in the closet etc all - but give credit where it's due.

Q to you: If you think United States is morally wrong and/or inferior to the Arab world/Islam - why are you there? Why spent your monies and be "educated" and live amongst it's morally "inferior" society?

i.e. - "if you don't like it here, please leave" – you see my friend this ignorant statement goes both ways.

A critical step towards a positive nation building or national morale is - being honest about your country - and for the most part, Americans exercise/express such positive trait very often. Worldwide reputation perhaps is a close second priority.

Re: introduce racial profiling to the UAE – take a look at classifieds "job descriptions"

My sincere words to you - there are good & bad apples in every basket. Racial profiling happens in all nations - yes, even in the UAE. Just because someone is Arab or American or Muslim – does not make ‘em all superior or inferior to the other.

We are people and for the most part would want/think better for human kind – hence take a moment and pay respect to innocent lives lost – that would be ideal moral support as a true Muslim.

ps: just because I express my views does NOT mean I dislike the UAE or the US – respect both nations.

B.D. said...

Sri Lanka Wins!

What if at the end of the current Cricket World Cup Sri Lanka is crowned victor, and a jubilent forum member submits a post as headlined above? Are we going to jump and holler, what relevance to the UAE?

Sometimes, as multinational residents here, we may almost instinctively make use of the forum to express emotions over issues which while not related to the UAE per se, could be of interest or importance to some of its residents.

Deadliest US Shooting was an emotive response to an event that, while not having occured in the UAE, impacted me as both a resident here and someone with ties to a larger international community.

samuraisam said...

bd: it is also relevant because of the recent armed robbery in wafi (while no one was shot, they apparantly had weapons)
and because Virginia Tech has something like 30,000 students; there is bound to be a number of them from the UAE. (I myself know one person who grew up here who attends VT).

Sorry for removing it.

rosh said...

Make that three Sam - a good Emi friend's youngest bro & a first cousin (an American 2nd generation kid) is at V Tech - graduating the same program.

So hell ya - it's relevant aight :)

I can't believe we are talking about relevance, when innocent young souls have had their lives robbed - "pathetic & insensitive" has been re-defined by fellow bloggers?

B.D. said...

It really is sad. My first "cynical" statement was made out of anger, because this sort of thing has happenned so many times in the States. One really can see the difference in living in a state like this, the UAE, where there isn't this issue of gun control. It makes a big difference. There is always the potential of people flying off the hammer. They do it here too of course--go off the handle--but at least people don't have guns at the ready.

dsg said...

the strong Islamic and traditional values (that many people criticize our society) are the one that governs our society, which makes it morally strong. Woah the Moral Bolice just drove in to town!

Now pay your construction workers something a little bit more than a pittance.

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