03 April, 2007

blog issues

"Blog issues
This morning I heard this breakfast show on a radio station, where the RJ made some amusing statements on the new species she calls as "blogittarians".

Adding that people go online out of sheer desperation to get noticed. She also ridiculed a popular community website.

She seemed to have no idea on how blogging or the internet helps in networking with the like minded."
--more from HERE

Did anyone hear this on the radio?


Sex and Dubai said...

Nope. Didn't catch that on the radio but if anything, it just highlights the ignorance of RJ's in this city.

fake balushi said...

in a way, i agree with her... on the internet people also dont use their real discription...

fat girls always say that they are Models etc

also all the crazy people are found on the internet, i mean look at all the members around here?

Emirati said...

So says an RJ who probably cannot properly read or write their name.

Anonymous said...

also all the crazy people are found on the internet, i mean look at all the members around here?

Yep. I also sort of agree. I mean, I only ever come on here when I am writing a paper/report/study. I have this need to procrastinate.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for using your blog. My name is Dr. Abdullah Ahmed Al-Ghamdi. I’m trying to spread this information that I consider useful for women, since Dubai authorities and newspapers have not helped us.
Last year my wife (a Muslim woman from a local family) was harassed by a chiropractor, Dr. Saukkonen. After much thinking at the end she filed a claimed to Dubai police and through our lawyers to other Emirates authorities but they neither took any measure against this man nor answered to us in a right way. This person still practices in Dubai, at a clinic in Jumeirah (British Lasik Center).
We were ignored by Dubai authorities, and considering that certain western people are untouchable, we use this means to advice women not to rely on this person.
Thank you.

theplasticpoet said...

they're probably gonna block blogspot now because of that dumb RJ.

anon: chiropractors and dubai = money lost + jail + deport + ban + lolling police

docthour saukonnen will get his just reward in heaven may Allah be willing. now you deport pliss

fake balushi said...

Hey Dr Abdullaah ahmed Al Ghamdi!!! Why are you using Anonymous Commenting????

Very strange! You are very funny :D

archer14 said...

Is the RJ in question Vicky White from the breakfast show on 104.8 FM? And seriously, WTF - everyone is entitled to an opinion. I can't believe there are people out there who get insulted by RJs. Hello...don't you people ever meet schmucks offline?

Ash said...

It's not so much the lowly attempt at ridiculing; it's the generalizing that's in poor taste.

Couldn't have caught it as I don't listen to trash radio plus it's too early for all the yapping.

Anonymous said...

Bloggers are such sensitive souls aren't they? It's not as there is ever any generalising or criticism going on here.

rosh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rosh said...

The silly goose RJ probably doesn't know better. At this day & age we've got propagandanized media in most places - the blogosphere is a rare haven - souls can debate and vent openly – so not sure what attention deficit’s got to do with it?

Anonymous said...

As a blogger concerned about these statements, I emailed Neal and Vicky on Channel 4 and received a quick response as well:

Hi Neal and Vicky,

Since I personally didn't hear it, it's all speculation at the moment but a few days ago you seemed to have made some derogatory comments towards bloggers in the UAE calling them "blogittarians" and ridiculing the UAE
community website?

Well if this is true, then your comments did not go by unnoticed and there currently is a letter rebuking your statements in Gulf News online at:

Also, the UAE Community website has brought it to attention under the post entitled Blog Issues at:

If true, I would be seriously disappointed at these comments, and would encourage you guys to respond to the UAE Community bloggers.

Neal's response as follows:


Many thanks for the email.

I can assure you that no such comment was made on Channel 4. Neither of us have come across the UAE Community Website before, so we aren't in a position to ridicule it.

In fact, we even had our OWN blog running for a short time at http://www.nealandvicky.blogspot.com/ - But because the show got so busy we didn't have time to keep it updated.

Thanks again for the email. Please accept this as comfirmation that the actions mentioned aren't related to either Channel 4 or Neal & Vicky In The Morning.



I guess that lays the matter to rest guys!

steve said...

that's such bollocks, i heard it meself on the radio.

Anonymous said...

I heard this. The two rjs were talking about blogs but didn't mention this or call people blogittarians. neal and vickies reply is correct. They need to update their blog tho.

TheBlogger said...

Steve, the comments were not made on Channel 4! :)

kochumanavalan said...

Channel 4 has clarified that their station did not make the comments. If someone claims to have heard the remarks, they should clarify on which station they heard it (preferably which DJ made the statements) and what exactly was said.

(It should be noted that at this point in time, complete reliance cannot be placed on the blogosphere as a dependable information source as one does with newspapers or TV. Sufficient regulation, safeguards, or accountability does not exist. Indeed, many bloggers' writings are coloured by their religious, cultural or political backgrounds and viewpoints. This very blog is an excellent case in point.)

king said...

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