11 April, 2007

Dubai Architecture - Lecture at JILC

A Lecture about The Traditional Architecture of Dubai will be taking place in our premises in Um Suqeim 1 as part of JILC Fun Day.
Fri 13/04/07
The Traditional Architecture of
Venue : Jumeira Islamic Learning Centre.

Time : 5.00 p.m.

Speaker: Rashad Mohammed Bukhash
He is the Director of General Maintenance Dept, Dubai Municipality and Chairman Architectural Heritage Society. Bukhash, is considered one of the leading authorities in the field of conservation in the gulf region. He supervised the restoration of all the historical buildings in the emirate of Dubai including the Bastakiya area and the Hatta Heritage Village . He has a Master in Philosophy in Architecture from Manchester University , U.K and a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University , Syracuse , N.Y. , U.S.A


fake balushi said...

I REALLY don't care what they speak about in this lecture!

But I WOULD love to know who the hell would go to something like that!

nah well what the f###.

fake balushi said...

and no one has even commented.

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