26 April, 2007

Help!! Help!! I 'm Stuck in Traffic

For the past three days I have been experiencing extreme traffic on the Discout Center and Sahara Center roads in Sharjah. A fifteen minute ride now takes an hour and a half!! I've called the police who said that two exits on Emirates Road in Sharjah/Dubai side, leading Ghusais have been permanatly closed. Well my Blogging Buddies I challenge you to find out what has happened. I haven't the time, cause... I'm stuck in traffic!!!


Doubleletter said...

Aha, so that's the reason its taking me at least 30 minutes more to reach Al Ittihad road (after Al Mulla Plaza). ARGH. As if leaving at 6:15 wasn't enough.

I wonder how bad it'll get when they Close Al Ittihad Road.

Harsha said...

well this whole change was known well in advance, it was in the papers.

Anonymous said...

Why is it closed?

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