08 April, 2007

Sir Ben Kingsley in Abu Dhabi

What a amazing last few days! We hosted SBK here and while I have always been a fan of his, to meet him in person and be around him, he is a special human being.

On Thursday he gave a lecture at ADWC and the room was over capacity. The students were there from HCT as well as ZU. It's great as I got to meet a lot of very enthusiastic young people.

Alexander Siddig and Thomas Sangster are visiting as well. Alexander is a great actor and Thomas has soooo much talent.

We had a charity event at The Emirates Palace for the Manzil Center for Challenged Individuals last night and although there were a few glitches, it went off well. SBK entered the room with Sasha, a student from the center, on his arm. He is very caring and kind.

Anyway, glad the nerve wracking part is over, but sad to see them all leave! This was a first in the UAE and we hope to do more things like this for charity. DONATE to Manzil, your gift will help a special person. Pictures on my blog.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Ben Kingsley a Jew? I wonder how they allowed him into the Emirates?

Sheikha M. said...

No, he is spiritual more than being any one religion. And there is no problem coming into the UAE if you are Jewish, the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai is owned by a successful Jewish businessman.

They do not allow a person with a passport from Israel to enter. Always best to check your facts BEFORE you say something...

A world of Symphony said...

Does the Manzil Center for Challenged Individuals have a website?

How can I make a donation?

A world of Symphony said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sheikha M. said...


However, it appears their website is down :(

You can call Sandi at 0506517963, she is head of fund raising and I am sure she can point you in the right direction.

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