27 April, 2007

Bad zoo news

I'm told Dubai zoo's move has been canned yet again.

This really is unacceptable - the zoo is an embarrassment, a blot on Dubai's name, an absolute disgrace in this day and age. It's particularly appalling given the billions of dollars being invested in the emirate.

Can you imagine horses or camels being imprisoned in the way the animals at the zoo are cramped into tiny, unsuitable space? Of course not. So how can it be acceptable for other animals?

I don't understand how the municipality can let this continue. It's not only damaging Dubai's reputation, it's a missed commercial opportunity - not something of which the authorities are often guilty. A good, modern zoological garden is a tourist attraction, a money-making enterprise.

It's another urgent problem that needs Sheikh Mohammed's attention.


Al Mulhama, The Inspired said...

I absolutely agree
this should be another project that actually attracts people to Dubai, something revenue generating but that does the UAE proud.

Perhaps just like the protected areas and wildlife sanctuaries, perhaps we can have a beautiful enclosed environmentally calibrated temperature haven an "animal zone" much like a free zone but where animals can be free - a pseudo natural habitat. THEN you will have people visiting the UAE not for the towers only or other things but for the exquisite wildlife

this will then help in developing research centres for the study of animals creating a larger field of education and employment...

The possibilities are endless - all it needs is a heart and someone to sponsor it financial... Oh! Perhaps the Dubai/UAE government.

I really sincerely hope this happens

nzm said...

If Al Ain can do a decent zoo, why can't Dubai?

The animals should be moved to Al Ain until proper facilities in Dubai can be built for them.

fellow atheist said...

You know what.. I don't understand what the big deal is with the zoo business. Honestly.. I don't get it. I know that some people are passionate about animals and all that stuff.

I don't care about the zoo. I don't care to see the zoo, good or bad. It doesn't do anything for me. I've been to zoos. Boring. Nothing exciting about seeing animals moving around. Really.. nothing.

The Dubai zoo sucks? So what? Why is this an 'urgent issue that requires so and so's attention'. It's a freaking zoo.

This is one of the few times when I feel that there are better things to deal with than worry about the plight of an animal who's only purpose of being here is to be exhibited in front of other animals (humans).

Ugh.. crappy morning!

Anonymous said...

Go back to your country if you don't like it here...LOL!!

hehehe:-D just kidding ..I know it's too bad for those poor animals ..last time when i went i saw the poor bengal tiger lying on a concrete bench and breathing as if it was in a ICU..nuthing much we can do our voice/choice is not the main concern of the dubai muncipality but the rapid development at every cost is..i hope things get better for the pals in there

Sheikha M. said...

it's about economics...unless you could stick them all in a high rise, the land used for the zoo can be built on. Zoos unfortunately are not hige money makers unless you decide to do something amazing.

Without naming anyone, I spoke to one of the major real estate companies in Dubai (hint I am talking about the big 2) and informed them that I had spoken to some associates at the San Diego Zoo (SDZ) in CA. It is recognized as one of the premiere zoos in the world. They work with zoos all over the world helping them set up different programs.

The SDZ said they would be interested in getting involved with the zoo here to see what could be done. NO INTEREST from this side.

I had posted about the Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center and how amazing it is, clean, a cheetah breeding center, people who care about these animals including HH Sh. Mansoor bin Zayed who pays for everything. If not for his personal support, most of the big cats there would be dead, as they came from abusive situations.

I think this will be the only way that the Dubai Zoo can be fixed, if HH Sh. Mohammed bin Rashid becomes personally involved. At the present moment, it is not economically feasible to move the animals to land which can be used for development.

Sad, but true.


secretdubai said...

Yes - and much as I am not the greatest fan of Sharjah - their wildlife park and breeding centre is outstanding. It takes part in international breeding programmes, it is excellent behind the scenes and from a public point of view, as an attraction, and yet Dubai can't even manage to build a basic humane zoo, despite the billions - if no trillions - of dollars being poured into shitty real estate.

For a few hundred thousand they could have put up a temporary facility somewhere in the desert to at least give some of the larger animals breathing room.

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