25 April, 2007


Does anybody know where I could find Quorn here in Dubai? It's actually called mycoprotein, 'Quorn' is just a brand name. It's manufactured from a fungus, Fusarium and is supposed to be really healthy. I've checked at a local supermarket, but I didn't find it. I tried searching for it online, but no results. I wonder if they even have it here.

Thanks in advance! :)


nativeinformant said...

hmmm... i would suggest the organic foods store in satwa, on mankhool road. i have found stuff there before that i couldn't find elsewhere, or safestway if it is an american product.

DXBluey said...

I've bought some in Spinneys Umm Sequim and Trade Centre Road. You get chunks, mince, sausages etc. There is another brand caled Linda McCartney which is pretty similar...

I think they still have it. You'll find it in the freezer section.

Alternatively you can also get pretty good textured tofu which is quite similar.

secretdubai said...

*suppresses a retch and suggests the Organic shop's other branch on Sheikh Zayed road, Emaar Business Park (near the Greens) in case that's nearer for you*

Kiwi Boy said...

Oh come on SD! It's better than killing poor chickens for a meal! ;)

Thanks, Bluey and NativeInformant!

Anonymous said...

I buy it from Spinneys but they do not order enough to cover the demand as i suppose everyone does the same as me- buy heaps when they see it! Linda Macartney meals are ok but they are not pure protein, as quorn is. It is an excellent product (esp the roast) and I think we should lobby Spinneys to get them to order more!

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