22 April, 2007

Daynight Robbery

I don't really feel like talking about it or addressing it, but I feel recent events have bothered me, upset my foundations of security.

My feeling must be shared by the majority. How could they do this? Why did they do it? How come they did it here? Where are they? Have they been caught? Am I still safe? Are you still safe? Who are these people? Why are they here? How dare they do this? Will they get away with it? A thousand other questions. Did this happen? I wish it didn't.


secretdubai said...

It doesn't bother me much really. What bothers me more is violent, drug-related crime. Innocent individuals get far more hurt over that. Here, it's the insurance company who will take a hit. Obviously that's bad, but not so bad as someone being smashed up in the street for Dh20 and their mobile phone. Or having your wallet with all your credit cards swiped in the souq.

rosh said...

I hear you i*maginate - it's the stuff I've seen in movies whilst growing up. Never believed this could happen here? It's sort of shaken my belief/sentiment on "home safe home".

SD - I agree with you on the "level" of crime. I guess for most of us who've always lived here - the place provided us with a crime/violent free environment. To be honest it was more like growing up in an eggshell perhaps?

Hopefully such stuff will not happen again.

secretdubai said...

I suppose it also doesn't bother me because there is so much organised crime here all the time: smuggling, the trafficking of women, money laundering, business fraud. (These happen everywhere, not just Dubai, but as a trading, tax-free, multicultural place the rates are much higher here). The average person doesn't really see this or become involved.

So in terms of "how could do they do this?" "how dare they do this?" - well, loads of them are, so this one doesn't really get to me particularly. I'm just glad no one got hurt.

BuJ said...

didn't u guys notice that 1million dhs was stolen from a place in AD yesterday? sucks.

Anonymous said...

yes it sucks. do not know how such crap got into this country? please return to the hole you came from, shameless criminals.

fellow atheist said...

I'm not sure why this is all a shock to people? Crime comes hand-in-hand with any city. Dubai (and Abu Dhabi) are becoming cities now. It's part of the package.

Also, as SD said, crime has been going on in the UAE for a very very long time. It's just mostly 'clean' crime where public violence is not exhibited. Now that it rears its ugly head, one must acknowledge that this part of maturity -- sad as it may be.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why everyone is blaming the Wafi robbery on "professionals". All Graf diamonds are marked so have no resale value without the proper paperwork. This was done by a bunch of kids who watched the Italian job once too often and got lucky

i*maginate said...

*secret dubai, this episode bothers me for the possible endless ramifications (on everything), which I think you and I both understand. An armed robbery is in a different class to street muggings, in plain English.

With ref to your 2nd comment, same applies. Organised crime: what's its definition according to you? Underground crime is different to what is public and endangers people's safety & security.

This armed robbery is something new in this city and cannot be placed in the same league as other existing crimes. And so, it frightens me, and those who care.

*rosh ;)I hear you too, mate. I also hope this kind of stuff doesn't repeat itself, though only time will tell. Fingers crossed!

*buj - hmm link please?

*anonymous, it's not necessarily about returning to one's holes. We are not talking about immigrants here, we're talking about how these devils entered the country, why they did what they did, and speculation about what follows, i.e. will they be found, and what will happen?

*fellow_atheist, I acknowledge your general view about the crime but disagree that one "must acknowledge" this as "part of maturity" in any "city".

Dubai is a gem in the ME and this really shouldn't have happened, but it did. It really shouldn't happen again.

*anonymous, your comment made me smile with satisfaction that my guess was right: I assumed any major jeweler would "seal" their jewels to safeguard them from being raided. From what you say, it appears the robbers didn't check this out and were therefore amateur! Do you have an internet link for further information?

BuJ said...

re. sealed carbons.. well.. i bet if you goto certain places in russia or south africa you can find people who are willing to be a bit considerate to the lack of papers for your diamonds.. and they might even give you new papers to replace your @lost@ papers that parted with you at dubai airport..damn baggage handlers...

Anonymous said...

Yes Buj, I'm sure you are right about Russia and papers and stuff. But why take the risk when Wafi is full of shops with unmarked gems that you could steal with impunity. Any professional will want to make their lives as easy and untraceable as possible, why go the the expense and risk of faking papers when you could steal gems with no markings just as easily. Unless of course you didn't know.... in which case you are not a pro.

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