26 April, 2007

Sad and shocking

Via Mahmood.tv:

It would be interesting to see a similar experiment carried out in the US, my guess is they would probably arrest the "Arab" guy.


Anonymous said...

so true. the same thing happens here too, with a little more variety. black/blond, black or white, british or indian.

Anonymous said...

Sad and shocking so true ... now everyone with a beard and such custom is a terrorist ... WTF!

Araborigine said...

Is this real? *Sigh*

Lirun said...

the same thing happens everywhere at various levels..

it is sad.. and our responsibility to educate people as to the insignificance of our personal differences..

Drue said...

I'm an Australian citizen (where the video origniates from) and, although not an arab, I felt a bit discriminated against whenever I go through customs now that i've grown a beard. Before I had a beard I was never pulled aside and indvidulally searched. Now it happens about 9/10 times.

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