20 April, 2007

American Dreamz - brilliantly funny

I wouldn't normally plug a film here, but American Dreamz (2006) is one of the funniest, cleverest satires of the Bush administration/war in Iraq you will see. Dennis Quaid is amazing as a cretinous George W Bush figure (he's eerily similar looking - especially the dumb-frown facial expression) and the scenes set in "Eye-raq"/Afghanistan are also very amusing. It's a black comedy so pretty much every side gets sent up: the US president, his advisors, the US army, terrorists, the American public and reality show contestants. And it's already out on DVD.

A clip of scene sending up American military policy is here.

(Click any of the pics to enlarge)

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Arso said...

err, good morning! :P
yes, it was a great film.

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