08 April, 2007

Burj Dubai Towers With Storeys

Burj Dubai, already the tallest structure in the Middle East and Europe, has set a new global record for having more floors than any other building in the world.

Currently at 120 storeys and 422.5 metres high, the iconic building developed by Emaar Properties is also one of the five tallest structures in the world.

Height-wise, the tower is now taller than the Empire State Building (381 metres) in New York City and the John Hancock Centre (344 metres) in Chicago – two of only five completed buildings in the world that have 100 storeys or more.

[
Emirates Today]


ArabLady said...

As if we need more skyscrapers. I feel sorry for Earth really… humans screwed the beauty of environment…I’d love to live such a fancy lifestyle, any rich groom around!

Anonymous said...

If only you werent Arab.

rosh said...

yawn ....

B.D. said...

Lay all the skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, RAK... all on their sides and the coast of the Emirates would be blanketed with one spraaaaawling city!

Lirun said...

i think there is a fine balance between kurbing urbam sprawl through incresing urban density and exceeding reasonable limits of architectural hubris.. in telaviv we face similar issues.. medium density seems to be the preferred resolution but increasingly we now see towers (not quite as high but nonetheless shadowing) sprouting around the horizon..

i wonder how far the evening shadow of this new tower will reach.. and how many people will lose their afternoon sun.. :)

ArabLady said...

hey wut do u mean a blessing in tragedy!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Wouldnt you like to know! lol.

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