26 April, 2007

Egypt's 'Dr. Ruth': Muslims need better sex

"Sex. Don't be afraid. Join me to talk about sex without shame."

Dr. Heba Kotb is tackling a taboo in the Arab world unlike anyone else: She's talking about sex openly on a show broadcast all over the Middle East. For the moment her main advice for married couples: Have more sex.

Despite the fact she addresses sex in the context of marriage, leaving aside homosexuality and adultery - we cant help but say :

Three cheers for the first female sexologist in the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

Arab countries and GCC are just a small part of Middle east. In other democratic countries of ME there have been many female sexiologists from long ago. even Turkey is still a part of ME.

zwip said...

You think Arabs are not horny enough?

localexpat said...

Hip HIp HOORAY!! ;-)



I don't know what atlas you have been looking into but since when is turkey part of the middle east????
And if you haven't notice Arab countries and GCC DO MAKE UP MOST OF THE ME. The only countries left are israel and iran

Anonymous said...

Where would you fit Turkey?? In the EU? When pigs fly. But than again who the hell wants turkey in the ME.

Anonymous said...

For those who don't know what is the meaning of middle east please look http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_East

geographicaly you keep israel and egypt inside the middle east, but how come you easily through away pakistan and turkey?
please note
1. "Middle east" is not continent dependent
2.Turkey is a part of middle east
3.as of now, turkey is not an EU country
4.Arab countries are many in names, small in area, cheap in culture.
5. if arabs are living in a stone age, that doesn't mean Middle East is living in stone age. it's just arabs doing so.

BuJ said...

anon.. just coz it's on wiki doesn't make it true.. the middle east was a term given by the far west.. and to differentiate it from the far east.. totally relative

it's like saying when it's 2pm in london it's 2pm in dubai. yeah.. maybe u can find the wiki page for that as your next homework.

Ibn Battuta said...

I agree with Buj - the Middle East, as with all such geo-political nomenclature, is a social and political construct. They are partially constructed out of colonialism and partially out of the cold war. Borders between such areas are completely and totally subjective.

As an interesting side note, the US military considers Israel as part of its European command, while Pakistan is part of the Middle East command rather than South Asia. In Pakistan there is extensive debate of whether the country is part of the Middle East (supported by various 'Islamist' groups), Central Asia (supported by neo-modernist Muslims) or South Asia (supported by secularists) - each designation carries extensive political baggage.

Of course, none of this has absolutely anything to do with a radio talk show on sex! :)

Anonymous said...

You know, I’m trying to show you that when we are referring to a Middle Eastern person,
+we are not talking about Jihadist Islamist person (Terrorist). There are other possibilities
+we are not talking about stupid Iranian nuclear Ahmadinejad. There are other possibilities
+we are not talking about Zionism blood drinker soldiers. There are other possibilities
+we are not talking about Arabs sleeping on gold pillows who make labours suffer.
No? Who is a middle eastern? A space scientist? Is Middle East a list of specially selected countries that are doing no good to humanity? Don’t try to fix it by Dubai. Dubai is just towers, not humanity and morality.

Anonymous said...

i am glad that they will talk about sex because women in Arab world and men as well are not aware of proper sexual relation with their wife , women are being raped by their men and during a development project done by one of the agencies they discovered that women are afraid to talk about the rape because they think its their husband right , the show is actually religious and scientific , not to promote sex but to teach proper relation , in addition, to help women understand if the man is actually performing sex or sexually incapable, the show demand pre-martial tests as well, which is not done in some parts in the Arab world.

Anonymous said...

OK people Turkey is part of the ME, case closed! I know the turks would never want that, but than again the EU doesnt want them either. And Pakistan is NOT part of the ME and could never be!

Ibn Battuta said...

If Turkey is part of the Middle East, then where is the Near East? Are the north African countries African or Middle Eastern? (If they are Middle Eastern, why do we call them "North African"?) And where is poor Afghanistan? Given many Emiratis and Omanis are descendents of Baluchis, now mostly part of Pakistan, why isn't Pakistan Middle Eastern? Of course, given the majority population of the UAE is in fact Indians, shouldn't the UAE be considered a South Asian country? (I'm sure many would love that one!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry friends, i'm not a turk nor an arab. i just love to make things complex. "middle east" just grabed my attention and i tried to make a subject out of it. case closed, you were all right. i loved ibn battuta comment. a good one

secretdubai said...

I agree with Buj - the Middle East, as with all such geo-political nomenclature, is a social and political construct.

Like the whole concept of the "Arab" or "Islamic" "brotherhood" - when the reality is that there is no real unity or mutual support (or even liking) between most Islamic/Arab nations, just a lot of shouting in streets protests against the West and so on.

Anonymous said...

ya all them asian poor workers would love UAE to be part of south asia they all wanabe rich arabs , and if u all hate UAE why are u living in it go back to your own countries , we don't want you in UAE you all smell and stink up the place, plus the blog is about sex not Turkey !!!

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