03 April, 2007

Citizen journalism emerges powerful tool: Forum - Qatar

With people quickly adapting to multi-media innovations, the communication industry is undergoing a seismic shift in its orientation. Citizen Journalism has emerged as a powerful tool of communication in several countries, the experts observed while participating in panel discussions at the third Al Jazeera Forum, yesterday.

Community radio, blogs and SMS text message have emerged as powerful democratic tools in the Arab countries, especially in the conflict-ridden Iraq, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, they said while debating on "New Media: Speaking Truth to Power?"
Interesting to see how everyone recognizes the power of citizen media, but with the acknowledgements comes scrutiny and skepticism. Any thoughts...!

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Lirun said...

i think its amazing.. and i am grateful for the opportunity to hear your opinions first hand.. something i would never otherwise be able to experience..

telaviv (ordinarily but in the alps now)


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