17 April, 2007

GN: Hundreds watch couple try to 'resurrect' son

So according to this article in GN today, a couple in Hyderabad were arrested for digging out their son's grave (he died 40 days ago) in an attempt to resurrect him - infront of an audience of a hundreds of people. The couple apparently had 'supernatural powers to resurrect the dead'.

Aside from how wacko the whole thing was, what stuck me as odd was the 'digging the grave bit'. Why you ask?

Well from the names of the couple I understand that they are Hindus and from what I know Hindus don't bury the dead right?

Correct me if I'm wrong guys.


Kiwi Boy said...

Yes, but Jummy these people were trying to prove their miraculous powers.. so they did something out of line by first burying their son instead of cremating him and then trying to exhume his poor body to bring him back to life.

N. said...


B.D. said...

^^ Just chill! It is reported in the GN. It is a topic that may be of interest to readers in the UAE--hence it is published in the GN. Would you prefer instead to call in the relvence police?

Anonymous said...

Even the shooting in VT is reported in GN/KT and Emirates Today.

What's your point ?

B.D. said...

My point is that topics of interest (or relevance) to people in the UAE are not simply limited to those that refer to UAE events. People in the UAE are interested in contemporary topics beyond their borders. What is your point?

rosh said...

I concurr with BD's point.

kochumichaeljackson said...

I propose we call this the UAE world blog. what u sez ppls?

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a nice things for those parents to do! In this day and age or war, pestilence, famine and broken homes, there can never be too much affection between parents and their kids. I hope someone cares about me that much after I'm gone. Sometimes I worry....

rosh said...

I agree with kochumanavalan/MJ (the young bridegroom etc :) - however would add - emphasis/priority be given to UAE based issues/topics - first & foremost.

Live within the 4 walls - and you could end up ignorant as an Eskimo :(

Samurai - what say you, sam? : )

N. said...

B.D: This is not Emirates "New York Times" or "Time Magazine"

kochumichaeljackson: Why do you want to change the blog name? make another one instead..it is just one click away!

jummy bear said...


whodathunk a simple question would get everything but an answer?

boys boys boys :) dont ever grow up please :)

kochumanavalan said...

I got some fans in here, now thats something!
In order to build incentivize user-centric networks we must target cross-platform commerce and deploy frictionless models to empower collaborative thoughts and ideas on this blog.

I have to take a dump now.

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