23 April, 2007

Tasty Tap

Go figure.
Down by my house on Wahda, they put up two gigantic billbords, they could have brought some snazzy adverts and something to look at while you sit in traffic. But it block the view of the al Khan bridge, which means that you could not see if the bridge is blocked or not. Yeah, it was a bad idea. They soon realized it and began to tear the structure down. The question is didn't anyone just stand on the road and see that it was a useless idea?

For sure after it was too late, after the guys spent two weeks at least 200 feet in the air, in the hot sun, made even hotter by automobile exhust. They took it down.

There seem to be no end of unthought out plans, this goes in the bin with the public park visitors' license, the ban on bicycles on the roads, and now the new on the ban on bottled water from your local bodega.

The latetest mess up is the ban on local shops selling the 5 gallon of water. The excuse is that the store are using tap water. The probably are, buy hey, it tastes great! Also, that is doesn't have that nasty rusty brown color in it that non-bottle tap has.
I know, there are dirty rotten scoundrels selling foul water, like that guy off of Wahda, around the corner from the Rainbow House buffet opposite Shop and Save who was selling gasoline tainted water in those big bottles. I went to his shop and complained about this serious health hazard and this rascal snapped, "Well, no one else is complaining." "So, what, you could have killed me or my daughter." I never darkened his door again.

Still, why not hire a group of inspectors, there are so many locals looking for jobs? In this glorified labor camp e.g. UAE, who will be at home waiting to receive the waterman? There days life is getting nastier by the minute, so perhaps your niehbour with pinch it, if she gets hard up for a cup of life. Go Figure.
Perhaps the team that figures out which ideas are stupid and should be chucked will get on this one soon...


Doubleletter said...

Well said.

J. Gibbs said...

Yeah, that's the problem here: they don't think when they do something. No matter what it comes down to. It's as if someone just comes up with an idea, and they just pass it into action right away without bothering to consider the consequences or whether it's a good idea or not.

CG said...

I agree, and to add to this what about the rule that foreign companies could only hire UAE Nationals as secretaries (very badly planned) and the list goes on. They should be fined every time they cause waste (be it time or money) and learn to THINK carefully.
In my street they laid a lovely road, under pressure from the residents who complained that their deluxe cars were getting damaged driving on sabkha all day. 2 Months later they ripped it all up when the municipality informed them that they needed to connect the sewer mains now most of the houses had been built (we all knew it was a case of a few months....). When we asked why they had done the road in the first place it seems it was a case of Vit.W because someone complained about the dust.....

kolo toure said...

UAE, where stuff happens!most shitty!

archer14 said...

Damn, the word verification summed it all up for me - We're "fucvc"'d.

rosh said...

CG - similar stuff in my neighbourhood. For some reason last Christmas - they laid new bricks and made up the 3 decade old pavement - next month they dug it all up for municipality work???

Another point I do not understand is the constant "gardening" projects that goes on between lanes i.e. between road dividers. The gardens are so wide - one can play tennis (well am exaggerating a bit) - but the roads are so narrow and 2 lanes? I drive into DXB and can’t seem to say enough positive stuff on how it’s all planned and laid out – so commendable.

I hate to say this - but SHJ could use some logic in implementing processes - I can help, if they are willing to hire (and pay) me of course : )

TwinTopaz said...

and the classic fiasco of new Al Khan bridge..first they built only 1 lane exit towards Buheira courniche but that instead of releasing the congestion, created a major bottle neck..

Realizing their mistake, they then converted that exit into two lanes by converting hard shoulder into another lane!!

rosh said...

.... how about placing the "City Center" right next to that bottle neck on Al Wahda street - thus making it impossible for any future highway (width) expansions.

Try getting into one of SHJ's oldest eateries - Golden loaf - it's crazy?

The Mega Mall sits inside a congested area surrounded by residential buildings - with little parking and narrow roads (and huge wide pavements). I dread to think of issues - should (God forbid) - a fire breaks out in mall or buildings in close proximity.

Lastly - cannot understand why they continue to construct new high raises right next to the pavements - i.e. it's going to be impossible to expand the roads in future – they shall forever remain narrow 

DXB has taken care and built with logic and careful planning into the future - SHJ lives right next door and seem oblivious to it all?

Don’t even get me started with the rotaries/roundabouts.


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