06 April, 2007

End of an Al Ain Landmark

This week has seen the beginning of the destruction of the Sheikha Salama Mosque. This mosque was built in honor of Sheikh Zayed's mother. I have some pre-destruction photos here if you are interested. Apparently a new mosque will being built in its place.


elle said...

I'm shocked! I thought they were going to 'revamp' the existing one. It's a real shame, now there is no history left. Building something new, is not the same as preserving something old.

Anonymous said...

And if that something old isnt revamp-able? let people pray in an unsound structure?

ArabLady said...

@ a blessing in tradegy
good point!
History is not about couple of blocks built decades ago

kochumanavalan said...

I think BRN's picture is, in a way, itself historic (by which I mean a historical record). Nicely taken, too. The broken dome, lying on its side, is especially poignant. Good job, BRN.

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