16 April, 2007

Robbery in Wafi Mall

Apparently there was a pretty daring robbery in Wafi Mall last night.

Here's a video of the robbery in progress.


Symbiot said...

It happened before, but they didn't bother to tighten up their security.

That's 2 for the robbers and Nil for Dubai Police and Wafi City Security.

B.D. said...

Pretty dramatic. Questions... Do police have this footage--should help in IDing the cars. How did the cars even get inside the shopping center. Comment... this seems way to brazen not to be prosecuted hard.

samuraisam said...

BD: cars were stolen and later burnt

Anonymous said...


Now everyone in the police department should be promoted and given a BMW M5 instead of 750IL, maybe that way they'll work harder.

Dubai Police always was and always will be a joke.

Anonymous said...

How could it be possible? From where did they get their guns? How come the stolen cars were not spotted on the road (before and after)? How could they run away in the traffic? Dubai is small and every where you can see CCTV, how come they ran away without any trace?
There are two possibility, either these thieves get arrested very very soon or I will buy a high tech security system for my car.

ArabLady said...

May God Bless UAE

Anonymous said...

Dubai police are experts in installing radar cameras and emptying your pocket, they weren't trained for these kinda crimes.

When locals don't respect the police, you expect visitors/expats will give a damn about them ?

marwan said...

I'm curious to know how exactly the police determined that "...the criminals were unlikely to be of Arab origin". Particularly when the assailants were *masked*?

poo said...

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Anonymous said...

When locals don't respect the police, you expect visitors/expats will give a damn about them ?

^^^ So true i agree 100%

rosh said...

Not sure what's wrong with DXB cops? - they are not supermen you know. I respect Dubai cops (SHJ-errr not too sure).

It's quite upsetting to have such criminal activity in Dubai's malls - sort of like striking at the heart of the city's safety zone. Wish the cowards return back to whichever hell hole they came from.

damn these cowards!!

Robocop said...

Dubai is not a construction bubble, it is a security bubble.

Anonymous said...

seems like it was done by Wafi Mall to collect insurance money lool

i, Bobo said...

I don't like rumors nor am I a fan of third hand information, but two colleagues of mine were actually at Wafi last night when this occurred. They claim that when the perpetrators exited their vehicles, automatic weapons were fired in the air, supposedly to warn off bystanders.

I have no idea what of happened last night, but I also have no reason to doubt the veracity of these two individuals.

What's the deal? Has anyone else heard reports of shots being fired?

Ash said...

I'm curious to know how exactly the police determined that "...the criminals were unlikely to be of Arab origin". Particularly when the assailants were *masked*?

Surely, they spoke with the shopkeepers at the jewelry store.

Anonymous said...

Am curious too!

Anonymous said...

get over it guys we arabs are good as suicide bombers and not Hollywood style robbery.

lol said...

besides, didn't you hear what he (ash) just said.... i mean how can you rob a place without communicating with the shopkeepers.... clearly dubai police heard their statements....

lol said...

sorry ash, just realized you's a she :p

B.D. said...

I think GN reported the robbery took place around 9:45 pm, Sunday. I was travelling on SZR at 10:40 pm where police had set up a roadblock--just across the border into Abu Dhabi and just after the Emirates Rd crossing. My guess is that all the roads out of Dubai would have been similarly cordoned off. Can anyone confirm?

24 hours later, Monday night, the roadblock was up in the same place and until at least 2 a.m. the next morning (when I passed this spot again). So my assumption is that this will be an ongoing operation--to prevent the thieves from escaping the city if they haven't already.

As an aside, I wonder how many dark-windowed cars the police at these checkpoints forced to reveal their occupants. If someone can confirm that they did so, I'd like to know. I fear this dark window thing in this country creates real security issues and ought to be outlawed (and enforced).

I don't think there is any need to malign the police...yet. This is going to be a hard case the crack. Also, I don't see any need to lament what is happening to Dubai. This sort of professional job is less a threat to the common public than random muggings and other wanton acts of violence which are still uncommon in Dubai. Furthermore, at this point, it is a one-off. But sort of like 9/11 this will be a wake up call for Dubai. It is a flashy, wealthy city and those of such means will have to protect their assets a little better. The shopping malls may need to have at least some armed city militia on guard rather than the private security whose main job is to just keep order among the common law-abiding citizenry.

Also, I much prefer to see this kind of violence in the city than the type of political-religious violence taking place all over the world. This kind of violence is crimanal and wanton, but it isn't fanatical.

Rosh, I understand the sentiment expressed in saying these people were cowards--just as that become a common refrain after the 9/11 attacks. But, come on, they weren't cowards for dashing in and out in minutes--they're simply not stupid. It takes cunning and a lot a courage to carry out such a devious act. But while they were not cowards they certainly represant a scourge to society and need to be stamped out.

If anything, lets compare this to sophisticated, organized gangsterism. Hard to confront, but their intent is very targeted.

Mubarak said...

Come on people, you expect police to be present in every gold shop!

The police forces should be blamed in case these criminals are not apprehended and brought to justice.

I agree with the previous comment:

"When locals don't respect the police, you expect visitors/expats will give a damn about them ? "

Anonymous said...

The Wafi security can't be blamed too !

They are not even armed with a stick, let alone a fly swatter! What do you want them to do?

They get paid measly salaries! You want them to jump in front of guys holding real guns? Dream on - call the SWAT team instead - like how normal cops are trained to do when they face highly armed situations!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous (April 17 comments)...you can't expect these private securities to get the bad guys holding real guns.

The way I see them is like they are just there as mall decors. Should a situation (i.e. armed robberies, etc.) arises these security guys may be the first to run. They are not trained whatsoever for this kind of situation.....besides they won't give a S... since for them it's not worth doing it...considering the salary they are getting and the benefits (if there is) they may get if they will be injured or whatsoever.

Dubai (Police)should probably think about commissioning armed, well trained security guards and or police officers in various malls to protect the public from some of these scalawags!

Anonymous said...

uae police r no pros. they r good at trafic and turning murders to suicides. For any intelligent investigation in any field they have to turn to Europeans or Americans. We wont hear anything about this robbery too. Another closed file in 1000s of such cases.

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