29 April, 2007

Is it true?

Nation/Police and The Courts

Wafi robbery arrests
Police have arrested three people in connection with the Dh50m jewellery raid on a store at Dubai's Wafi City shopping mall earlier this month.

That's on the Gulf News website Home Page. Click to read the full story and you get:

The requested article cannot be found,
it may have been moved during our recent website re-launch.

I won't comment until it's confirmed or denied, but that's what the website is saying at 2pm Dubai time.


samuraisam said...

It's working here;
I like this part...

"Police also said the robbers, who were part of an international gang, used a plastic gun during the heist."

I could hear clear gunshots in the video; listen at about 9 seconds in

I also love that the value of diamonds has gone from 50 million down to 14 million

here a link to the GN article is: http://gulfnews.com/nation/Police_and_The_Courts/10121716.html

Anonymous said...

maybe the estimation was wrong in the fist place? I hope they aren't lying.

Anonymous said...

Even plastic guns can sound similar to real gunshots samuraisam

samuraisam said...

Yes anonymous, I'm sure a cap gun has the ability to make a sound loud enough to be picked up several dozen feet away from its source using a piece of crap nokia camera phone microphone.

rosh said...

fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...


dxb police is just saving their reputation by scapegoating these poor people...and this keeps happening here often..

Anonymous said...

that's why you post anonymouse !!!

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