09 August, 2006

More on US and Mideast

The discussion re: US foreign policy and public opinion on Mideast violence has been quite active in the community. I thought this might be of interest: reps from Qatar and UAE were in NY to protest the UN declaration on behalf of Lebanon.


bandicoot said...

Part of this Lebanese-Arab diplomatic effort is to harmonize the proposed French-US resolutin (which in its initial format is clearly unbalanced as it favors Israel) with the Siniora 7-point Plan. Mr. Siniora himself, in
this article publishe in the Washington Post, shows the way forward. He is a man of peace and humanity and deserves the support from everybody.
BTW, did the UAE member of the delegation (Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed) speak at the Security Council meeting?

Anonymous said...

"(Siniora) is a man of peace and humanity and deserves the support from everybody."

P. S. Does Nasrallah consult him before sending his boys out to start another fire? Without that, neither Siniora's ideas nor anyone else's is gonna be much good.

Balushi said...

I heard Benyamin Netanyahou(sp?) the Israel opposition leader, who said in Boost and confidence that They Israelis must root out the cancer in lebanon, The hezbAllah, so that its never able to threaten Israel.

Then the words from his own Mouth, HezbAllah is a proxy of Iran.

Now you guys tell me,, Is the Cause or cancer HezbAllah or Iran???

Anyone who remotely resembles to a human will tell you that IRAN is the root cause!

So why attack Lebanon! Yea becoz they dont have the army or the arrms to respond. While Iran will F ucck I reap F ucck Israel along with US without using a C ock!

Oh what a cowardly world!!!!!

I say, HezAllah, Al Q, Hamas, and all others who are the victims of US dictatorship and agression must join forces and destroy them everywhere and anywhere. Ameeen!

we must join forces with China, N.Korea, Argentina, Cuba and all of us aand bring an end to this new rome!!!!!!!

marwan said...

George Bush doesn't care about Lebanese people.

Oops, I wrote that as Lesbian first.

Anonymous said...

I know someone who does care for the Lebanese people.

Hassan Nasrallah.

See how much he has done for them in the past month or so.

marwan said...

"Hassan Nasrallah.

See how much he has done for them in the past month or so."

Yeah thanks, Nasrallah!

I hope there is an afterlife, and all the people he's sent there - Lebanese and Israeli - are waiting for him.

Anonymous said...

nasrallah mau has unwittingly started this round of fighting but it's israel who made it into a total war and Israel who dropped the bombs that killed more than a thousand Lebanese and ruined the country. If ther is any justice in afterlife I think these victims would like to get heir hands on olmert and the war criminals around him.

marwan said...

Unwittingly, my ass.

Hezbollah is just as much as to blame as Israel, because they've never even tried to sue for peace. If you want war with Israel, be prepared for heavy civilian casualties. If you don't want war - really don't want it - peace is always achievable.

So in the afterlife, will the Arabs still be fighting the Israelis?

Anonymous said...

well unwittngluy doesnt means they don't have some blame and guilt. but yo ulook like you don't like to say claerly who is realy destroying lebanon, which may be is your country I don't know. its like you think israelis are more peaceful. its very clear hizbollah didn't or wasnt planing to start a war. big miscalculaton. that's why i call it unwittingly; but may be you can read nasrallh mind or has inforamtion from hizollah people. i don't.

marwan said...
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