08 August, 2006

Important request

Can I please make a small request: could people stop leaving comments on here detailing methods to access otherwise "unavailable" sites?

If UAE community gets a reputation for publishing information that authorities deem to be unlawful, they will block this site.

We are all very sad that YouTube is blocked and we know that some people are still able to access it. For now the rest of us will have to make do with Google video and Yahoo video (until such a time as those are also blocked, which sadly seems inevitable).

Thank you.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Although I think this would be a nice thing to do, it would risk limiting the vast majority of the visitors of the site, should it get blocked.

Bypassing the proxy is a rather simply thing if you understand how the Internet works.

Perhaps if one would set up a page with relevant titles, headers, google would pick it up.

However, I would prefer (and I am sure most sensible people would) to keep such information out of the UAE Community blog.

secretdubai said...

Perhaps if one would set up a page with relevant titles, headers, google would pick it up.

Sadly, there are dozens of pages like that, and the proxy tends to pick them up rather speedily too ;)

It strikes me that when I leave this country for a country with unblocked internet, where using a proxy is not illegal (though less necessary, unless one is privacy paranois), there would be nothing illegal in emailing people information and tools. It could be worth checking out if the UAE could prosecute someone overseas for emailing information to a UAE resident. I must discuss this with some local lawyers.

Sadly I'm not planning on leaving any time soon, but this is something mulling over in my mind.

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