27 February, 2006

American Inventor: The True American Idol

American Inventor Show

The man behind American Idol, Simon Cowell, had came up with a very interesting idea for a reality show . The new show is American Inventor, the search for America's next big invention, and it is scheduled to premier Thursday March 16th on ABC.

Now the idea of this show is for sure much more meaningful and productive than American Idol. In fact, they should call this show (The True American Idol). I can't see how we call such loosers, idols! I wish that the Arab TV channels will adopt such an idea for a reality show to promote creativity and new inventions instead of this load of crappy shows such as (Star Academy) and the (Big Brother).

Contestants of the new show “American Inventor” have created a web site to chronicle their inventions, opinions, and experiences. The website is (www.inventorunderground.com). The site provides a listing for inventors who want to be seen by the public, business contacts, and other inventors. The motto is: "Network Shows are only interested in the top 10 inventors, Inventor Underground is interested in the other 10,000.” You can view a list of inventions in this site, so don't miss it! :)

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Anonymous said...

And the UAE connection is...?

John B. Chilton said...

UAE connection is - Dubai is cool, this is cool.

Fahad Al Mahmood said...

I was hopping that one of uae channels will adopt such an idea for a show. Is this too much to dream for? :)

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