22 February, 2006

World's Largest Aluminum Plant To Be Built Near Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ariel View of DUBAL Aluminum Co.
Ariel View of DUBAL Aluminum Co.

Abu Dhabi's Mubadala Development Co. will partner Dubai Aluminium Co Ltd. to build the world's largest aluminum plant at a cost of $6 billion, as the Gulf state seeks to take advantage of cheap energy and labor costs in the region.

The plant, to be built near Abu Dhabi, the capital, would produce 1.2 million metric tons of aluminum a year. Compare this with the Russian Aluminium's Bratsk smelter in Siberia, the world's current largest plant, which processed 965,000 metric tons of aluminum in 2004.

The new plant would require the construction of a 2,600-megawatt power plant, Mubadala said Saturday.

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Emirates Mac said...

I guess I'm glad it says "near Abu Dhabi" and not "on Abu Dhabi" (meaning the island) :-)

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