25 February, 2006

Protests and more ports.

Members of the Teamsters and Longshoreman’s unions gathered in front of the Port of Wilmington today as part of a demonstration held in 20 cities to protest the sale of significant portions of six U.S. ports to a United Arab Emirates company.

About 15 protesters gathered in a parking lot in front of the port’s gates at noon, holding signs that read “Goodbye Dubai, secure American ports.” The protesters represented unions whose members work as security guards, truck drivers and dock workers at the port.
more on that here.

It isn't just 4 ports or whatever it was originally;
Nearly a week after sparking a political firestorm, the United Arab Emirates-owned management company bidding to take over operations of 21 U.S. ports offered to delay part of its $6.8 billion deal.
More here

Oh yeah, to anyone opposing the deal, screw you.


Anonymous said...

lol...one after the other. now those dimwits will burn UAE embassies and burn flags and crap. to be honest, i wonder if UAE can really take care of those ports. known for backward HR policies and of course, wasta system...i wonder how with their lax attitude, theyre going to run something as massive as those 6 ports.

Keefieboy said...

And unions! But don't forget, DPW is a pretty professional outfit, and they won't do anything to upset the status quo in the US ports - they're just there to provide the operating funds and take the profit.

samuraisam said...

Key factor in this is that it is in the US, the same shit won't roll without heads turning.

And Dubai is only responsible for the ports' management, I don't think they will actually be replacing any employee's with wastafarians

Anomolous said...

Samuraisam says:
Oh yeah, to anyone opposing the deal, screw you.

Yeah, I love the well reasoned and cool-headed debate going on here.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, those ignorant Americans, they should be protesting something important, like cultural terrorism.

John B. Chilton said...

See anomolous :: Ports again...

where comments are open, but you do have to login. No, thanks.

Victor Bout does get around: Dealing with the Merchant of Death :: Mother Jones

MD said...

I hope this deal doesn't happen. It's just inviting danger. We can live without the port crap. I hope it's a publicity stunt or something.

Anomolous said...


Actually you don't have to login, just leave the username and password fields blank. Your comment will then show up as authored by anonymous. It's not exactly clear. I'll send a note to the site admins to let them know it could be better.

Anonymous said...

samuraisam is a punk kid with a Texas-sized chip on his shoulder against the USA.

There is absolutely nothing mature or well-thought out about his posts. He likes to stir the pot.

Just ignore him...

farrukh: copywriter & journalist said...

Looking at all those people protesting, could someone please tell me why they do not want this deal to happen?

Maybe their jobs are threatened they think? Is someone going to sit with the protestors and ask them why they want to say Goodbye to Dubai? I'd like to know their reasons.

secretdubai said...

samuraisam is a punk kid

Regardless of his age, sam has written some of the sharpest stuff around here.

samuraisam said...

anonymous @ 26 February, 2006 07:40, did I actually say America/Americans? I said people opposing the deal.

Get the fuck off your stupid fucking pompous fucking high horse.
Do you want a fucking cookie because you hold a US passport? I'll give you one.

I assume you are the Latida retard that posted this on my blog;
Actually, I think that most everything you write is immature and stupid, with no real value whatsoever. But then again, you're an 18 year old kid still on the teat. It's to be expected.

When you grow up and actually know something, I'll give some thought on what you think about the big, bad, USA...but until then, just go on trying to act like a grown up. It's cute.

Well done, you have succeeded at the age old art of reading, you read my rantings just so you could find out my age, well done, i'm sure people didn't know I was 18 previously.

You are the master of fucking patheticness, and you infringe upon the image of American's, just because of you I am going to great American's in a very differently way from now on.
Rather than attack what i've said, you attack me, very mature.
As for your comment about me being only 18, you may aswell be only 18 with an attitude like that. Go the fuck ahead and cry yourself to sleep, you couldn't find any fault in what I said so you attacked me personally.
Congratulations, that cookie is well deserved.

samuraisam said...

"He likes to stir the pot."

Are you captain fucking obvious? or oblivious? you fucking moronic dipshit.
Why the fuck else would I make a posting, no fucking shit I want to stir the pot, everyone stirs the pot including you moron, it's called sharing your opinion, and not everyone is going to agree.

Anonymous said...

Don't they have unions in Dubai? When a union guy hears that new management is going to make things more efficient, that sounds very similar to we're cutting 25% of your jobs.

BD said...

Wheew! Has the teenager's tantrum finally subsided? Samuraisam, you do yourself a disservice by railing so against the anonymous poster. Take if from a 40-something year old--just ignore the personal attacks. To respond to them in kind only suggest that you are what you are being called. It detracts from the forum when people begin retaliating against one another.

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