13 February, 2006

Anger at boycott call

AMEinfo.com :: Anger at boycott call
Google falls behind on history

A Dubai-based business web site has hit out at an email being circulated calling for it to be boycotted. “We are not Danish,” said Klaus Lovgreen, CEO of AMEinfo.com. “We are registered with Dubai Media City.

Absolutely true. But do some compare and contrast:

Compare: "Klaus Lovgreen moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1992." Source: zu.ac.ae IT-Forum
Contrast: "Klaus Lovgreen was born and educated in Denmark and moved to the United Arab Emirates in 1992." Source: "G o o g l e's cache of [the page] as retrieved on 31 Jan 2006 06:47:46 GMT.
G o o g l e's cache is the snapshot that we took of the page as we crawled the web. The page may have changed since that time."

It may have.

In a similar vein:

Compare: http://www.zu.ac.ae/clgartsc/html/elc/elc_ClaudiaKiburz.html
Contrast: G o o g l e's cache of http://www.zu.ac.ae/clgartsc/html/elc/elc_ClaudiaKiburz.html as retrieved on 1 Feb 2006 02:40:08 GMT. G o o g l e's cache is the snapshot that we took of the page as we crawled the web.


Dubai Media Observer said...

Well, it's funny that you took the time to research his background. Of course, I can think of a couple of competitors who have most likely spread this dirty campaign -- not that I think it would work though.

Can anyone find the email circulated? I have a friend who believes he can trace its origin if he has the full 'headers' or something.

samuraisam said...

The person who did it has to have worked in the publishing industry and not had a great IQ.

they provided a link to AME info's company profile type thing stored on a Motivate publshing website.

Funny thing is, you can't access it without logging on, I'm sure motivate could investigate for less than 8 minutes and find out who started this all.

dubai media observer: that's an impossible task, the original person may have sent it to ten people, who forwared it to ten more each, etc etc etc, only if you find one of the original recipients will you get the mail headers, depending on how people forwarded them in the first place it may have info carried on down the path.

John B. Chilton said...

DMO - I recall a commenter at this blog, or perhaps it was another local blog, that asked whether ameinfo was Danish. But in my quick look for that comment just now I couldn't find it.

Anonymous said...

Well AMEInfo is not Danish, but Lars, the VP for sales most certainly is


and I reckon Klaus is, although he sounded a little German when I met him.

Anonymous said...

Well, I should boycott my brother, since he was born in Denmark.. and was certainly manufactured and produced there.

Freaking idiots.

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