11 February, 2006

News from the Middle East

Thought I would share this resource, in case you don't already know of it:

Mosaic as part of Link TV gives a summary of the Middle East News from a number of Arabic sources, translates, and even gets round to providing a summary. Ingenious.

Excellent in case the extent of your Arabic is limited to "Maafi Mushkil"

(Beware, though with the curent speed, or lack of it, this might be a little heavy on your connection.)


secretdubai said...

That is so bizarre - I just discovered it tonight about two hours ago!

The episodes are downloadable which is useful. They are in an .avi format which you may well need VLC to play (at least on a Mac).

Anonymous said...

thats because you are same persan.

John B. Chilton said...

Thanks for this information. Very helpful.

grapeshisha said...

Great minds and all that.

It has been available for some time, though I believe they used to charge. I was only reminded of it because it came through my news feeds, which I assume is how you found it.

anonymous @ 0740
why exactly do you think so?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. How the hell do you find these kind of sites? I have been looking for something like this for years!!! Thanks grapeshisha - keep it smokin'

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