22 February, 2006

Instapundit roundup on Bush veto threat

Is the tide turning? Instapundit is giving the ports acquisition a second look.

Read every last word.


CG said...


ali said...


finally, someone in the country is talking sense. this is a very accurate analysis of the whole issue. but then again, we already knew all that.

Anonymous said...

so USA is compensating UAE for support in IRAN???

nzm said...

Excellent read - as well as Ali's link.

It seems to be that neither the US nor DP World (or the UAE Government) has come out with strong statements to refute the negativity around this deal - other than a few random comments made by undersecretaries of something, or "un-named sources".

Do they already know that it's fait accompli, and there's little point in them saying anything?

If I was the UAE or DP World, I would have had some very strong counter-arguments in place by now.

John B. Chilton said...

If I was Bush I'd be more assertative in stating why the deal is good. There again he's said he will veto legislation that would block the deal. His stand is clear and it is with Dubai. Now he needs to go back and explain why it is a good idea. It seems obvious to some of us that it is, but a lot of Americans don't see it as obvious.

ali said...

what's shocking is how uninformed they seem to be about the issue.

all they see is "ARABS CONTROLLING OUR PORTS". and that's uniting both the left and right wing in the US.

Debate is good, i agree, but the knee-jerk hysteria is BEYOND me.

The one time Bush gets something right and the republican party decides to stand up to him. Ridiculous really.


Tim Newman said...

And to think that, despite all this, there are people out there who still think Big Governments are good, and that politicians should get involved in business.

And before any Europeans start criticising the idiotic behaviour of certain US politicians, take a look at the current politcal attempts to block the sale of Arcelor to Mittal on the grounds that London-based Dutch-registered Mittal, of Indian extraction, is not European enough.

I ******* hate politicians.

BD said...

And speaking of politicians, why would wife of Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham oppose the deal. Her husband has been a special guest to this conntry on more than one occasion post-presidency. She obviously is smart enough to know there's nothing wrong with the DP World arrangement, yet she is posturing with the real idiots in Congress. This puts her in the league of the traditional, vote-seeking politician, principle and honesty be damned. This time 1 point for Bush, 0 for Hillary and her supporters.

nzm said...

There's also Barbara Boxer bleating on the west coast.

I can't believe that these people are so ignorant as not to already know that most of their shipping ports are already managed by foreign companies - and a few of the airports too.

I do believe that they're doing it to garner support for their own causes and to stir up the American public - the majority of whom will believe the first thing that's told to them about any subject that comes up.

I was in the US during 9/11 - I saw, read and heard the blatant lies and untruths that surfaced during this time - some of them being dragged up again during this P&O sale.

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