12 February, 2006

quit blogger

I don't know if any of you read todays gulf news article on new computer laws...
I'm not sure if it is just Gulf News wording that makes these appear... just read them...

Article No 14 states that anyone found logging onto a website with the intent to change the designs of the site will be jailed and fined.

I suppose that makes logging onto blogger, and any website like wikipedia or any personal websites that allow you to change designs illegal.

"Anyone found logging into an information website or system shall be punished with jail term or fine, or both."

I don't understand what they mean by an "information website or system", but in reality every website provides information. So that is illegal.

You can read the entire article here


Anonymous said...

Sam, I don't think you 'oppose' any religion by choosing to follow another. I am a Muslim but it doesn't mean I 'oppose' Christianity, Hinduism or any other religion for matter. Religion is a personal choice and I think the law you mentioned are aimed at tackling blasphemous comments on the Net.

Also, I think they forgot to mention a keyword: 'illegally' in the other laws that you pasted. I'm guessing they are talking about hacking and probably mean that if you log in with the aim to alter a site that you shouldn't be, then you're an offender.

These guys need a really good translator. Jeez =P


mohamed Elzubeir said...

Laws that you cannot enforce are stupid.

Enough said.

BuJ said...

Sam you're really asking for it man! take it easy, especially online.. I agree with Neglected-ism, when you follow a religion it doesn't make you an opponent of all other.

When you order a chicken shawarma it doesn't mean you "oppose" lamb shawarma.

Did that make you drool? haha

samuraisam said...

Well I admitted that I don't know much at all about religion;
to avoid confusion i will remove the offending line as it seems irrelevant.

nzm said...

If anyone can find a published list of all 29 articles of "Law No 2 of 2006", then please share with all of us.

I'd be interested to read it so that as a blogger, I don't inadvertently find myself on the wrong side of the law - if I can help it!


Keefieboy said...

NZM: yepp. The 'interpretation' as presented in Gulf News is pretty laughable: need to see the whole thing to get an idea of what it really means.

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