07 February, 2006

Slug-slow surfing

Has anyone else's internet (ADSL specifically) been absolutely fking dead-snail-slow for the past few days?

I can barely even POP email. It is literally unuseable (I had to try four times just to load this blog entry page).

Of course there is never any reduction in fees in the rare instances that Etisalat does admit that there is a fault - god forbid they display any such alien trait as "accountability".

Dubai Media City and Internet City people: if this is what you guys have to look forward to when the TRA proxy arrives, I suggest you start learning Morse Code now. Because it will be a damn sight quicker than sending an email via Etisalat/E2salat.


nzm said...

Well - here I was sitting at work still in the DIC and thinking, bloody hell, this connection's slow!

So maybe it's an across UAE thing?

And if the freezone connection is slow, then I pity the Etisalat users!

I also can't see the Bloglists on either side of the page?

I can see the headings - General Blogs and UAE Blogs - but no links.

BuJ said...


nzm said...

is E2salat the equivalent of

"et tu, Brutus" ???


samuraisam said...



nzm said...

Go to bed, Samuraisam - it's past your bedtime!


nick said...

No connection problems for me in KV, but who knows how long that will last :-p

Husain said...

No trouble here in Deira too.

azucenamaryam said...

Hey cut it out with the Fking- this is a family show!!!

lovedeamore said...

i can't agree more about this freaking net slow. i got the same thing here in fujairah. really makes me nuts!

Keefieboy said...

It's unbelievably slow today.

grapeshisha said...

it took me literally 5 minutes to render the home page!

MaShoKaSh said...

I felt the same this morning, but it's very much normal now.

John B. Chilton said...

Network Overview /// Internet Traffic Report

John B. Chilton said...

All I know, SD, is that blog pets thing loads veerrrry slooowly.

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