13 February, 2006

UAE Cost of Living Spreadsheet 2006

I'm not sure if this is relevant here, but thought I would share it anyway. I have compiled some general data to produce a cost of living spreadsheet to assist those moving to the UAE. Data consists of groceries, services, entertainment etc., amongst others. This will hopefully help the large number of expats who move to Dubai and Abu Dhabi every year. You can locate it from the home page of the grapeshisha website.

It is not meant to be a work of genius, just something useful to make transitions to this country that much easier. I remember when first came over to the UAE, and the Economist didn't cover Dubai as part of their Big Mac Index.

Please feel free to share with anyone you feel may find the information useful. And also, if you have any corrections or ammendments, I would welcome those as well.


Jay Goddard said...

Holy ****, have you got a life? Why would you do that? Saying that, it needed to be done, so good on ya. I'd maybe add the cost of purchasing certain new and used cars. But great idea! Now have some rest!!

Anonymous said...

Full body Wax 170Dhs. I thought you were man.

Anonymous said...

Give him a break, anon@0758, tis a great service he has done for people, even if not so relevant to bloggers here who are already in Dubai.


e3ashig said...

Thats very useful. My friend is moving to Dubai soon - will forward to him straight away. Thanks

Barbapapa... Barbamama... barbazoo... barbalala... barbaliv... barbabell... and barbabravo! said...

Hey GrapeShisha,

Dont know what these confused twits are smoking! Big up on the effort! Your info is excellent... keep up the brilliant work!

Krishna said...

Great to see some written numbers regarding the cost of living in Dubai. I wish we could even get ballpark figures of rental prices in various areas of dubai. No doubt that it is the most important figure for expats wishing to move to dubai. Area wise rentals would be a good place to start. On a related note, is there any government/private website where one could statical information? Like consumer reports?

moryarti said...

nice work.. thank you GrapeShisha..

Anonymous said...

this is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!!! Have signed up for the newsletter as well. Thanks. You should sell that stuff for 5 bucks a pop.


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