22 February, 2006

Denmark charges four over T-shirts :: Yahoo!

Four charged over Fark FARC T-shirts - Yahoo!

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Danish police have charged four people selling T-shirts bearing the logos of Colombian and Palestinian guerrillas with supporting banned terrorist groups.

The four are connected to the Danish clothing company Fighters and Lovers, which sells T-shirts with logos of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PLFP).
. . .
Police said they had seized about 24,000 Danish crowns ($3,833), computers and T-shirts from the company, which sells T-shirts over the Internet to customers all over the world. They have also closed down its Web site (www.fightersandlovers.com) and expect to charge another three people.

Colombia protested to Denmark last month about the T-shirts.


AyMoNy said...

so much for freedom of speech, john!

nzm said...

does this mean that I'll have to now start wearing my Che Guevera t-shirt inside-out?

John B. Chilton said...

Perhaps Denmark should impose its standards on the UAE.

Half my students have a Che t shirt in their collection. When you ask them about about Che they have no idea who he was.

TwinTopaz said...

lemme me bang drums in my home as loud as possible..who cares for neighbours..i will do it in MY home so why one should bother..they have their own standards of comfort..i have my own!!!

eh john???

Anonymous said...

Umm....excuse me. I'm all for freedom of speech...but the problem was that the Danish co. was SENDING part of their monetary profits to support a group that loots and kills and kidnapps and basically makes our life miserable. Unlike Che, who is dead, they are alive, kicking, and killing.

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