17 February, 2006

RAK to tap space tourism: Gulf News

RAK to tap space tourism (link fixed):

Quote: "Ras Al Khaimah: The only company to have sent tourists into space has announced plans to develop a commercial spaceport in Ras Al Khaimah, from where it will operate suborbital flights."

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The picture is worth a thousand words. The vehicle has more glass than a glass bottomed boat. Or that just a cutaway to show what the inside of the vehicle looks like?


Anonymous said...

They sure have their priorities straight in RAK, don't they? Why clean up neighborhoods, build decent housing, and all that stuff when you can do space tourism? :-)

Neglected-ism said...

They're trying to ape Dubai's progress but like anon @ 11:59 said, there are more important things than space tourism =))

mercy said...

go RAK, go RAK, go RAK - what an emirate - they love camels, massages and the unliveable dream.

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