27 February, 2006

Maria's back!

Everyone's favourite spoof provocative letter-writer, Maria Metcalf, has picked up her pen again:

During a ladies coffee morning session recently at a friend's house, we stared absolutely horrified as our host told of how she woke up one morning to find graffiti all over her outer garden wall.

We went to look at it, it was absolutely vile and blighted her wonderful villa. It is quite appalling in this day and age we have such creatures living amongst our midst that go around in the middle of the night, invading the lives of peace-loving families in such a violent way.

Now we just need the return of Penny Francis and the comedy homophobes, and we're all set for a great ride.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh - another post from secretdubai showing how desperately she hates expat wives.

Must be taxing, having so much jealous contempt for others who have not done anything to you personally. I feel sorry for her...

Axonsax said...

I think that secretdubai is highlighting that fact that Maria and the like provide us with endless entertainment mate, think you have missed the point a tad!

As secretdubai says, lets hope that Maria stimulates the masses again for some great comic book humour in the 7 Days pages, it certainly needs it...!


sheikha cheryl said...

Dear ANON,

Have the guts to use some sort of name besides 'anonymous'. What a wimp. Its too bad you are short on wit; you obviously missed the humor of it all.

secretdubai said...

FFS it's a *hoax* letter - someone has created a persona of a Jumeirah Jane-style person, and is sending letters to 7Days. The "ladies coffee morning" bit is the give away - it's too obvious.

This is the same woman who complained about the noise of labourers spoiling her coffee mornings some time last year. She's just a spoof. The letters are possibly even written by a man, for all we know.

Dob said...

It's obvious that a lot of people don't like the idea of people being able to post anonymously. Blogger obviously does not share their views, having expressly provided such a facility.

To avoid "offending" such persons, I suggest anonymous posters use random screen names. This will also slightly aid in identifying and replying to their posts.

Suggested examples: Dib, Dob, Dab, Nab, Cob, Wab, Sab, Lab, Rab, Gab, Pob, Rib, Tik, Tok, Tak...(etc.)

After that we can complain about posters whose screen names are three letters long...

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