05 February, 2006

Blog pets

If anyone is feeling lonely on their blog, why not get a free blog pet?

Sadly there's nothing specifically Arabian available (camel, oryx, cheetah) but they do have llamas and fish.

adopt your own virtual pet!


nzm said...

yeah - I got a penguin, coloured it blue, called it "Korora" which is Maori for the blue penguin.

Then I decided that it looked too kitschy, so removed it. I may put it back on when/if I revamp the site.

Kaya (curiouser and curiouser) has a cute tiger called Sher Khan (think Jungle Book). Stroke him and he purrs!

SD - are you sure you want to call your pet Hamkin? :-)


secretdubai said...

"Ham" for "Ham"ster, nothing haram ;)

snow white said...

Fabulous ... and it means mercy can have her rabbit now

nzm said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
nzm said...

He/She? is kind of cute - the way that it jumps onto the wheel when you click it, and follows the cursor around!

lol - small things amuse small minds - I can hear my grandmother now!

secretdubai said...

Yes - the cutest one is actually the piglet, because you can wash it AND feed it - though I don't expect it would be so popular in this region.

Neglected-ism said...

I got a green tiger and named him 'nugget'. Now I need two more pets called 'Twister' and 'Zinger' =)

A Yahya said...

This is all a very girly thing. I dont think we can get away with having one at SecretArabian.

Anonymous said...

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