07 February, 2006

new blog - grapeshisha

Just some self promotion. I have joined the UAE blogosphere in earnest.

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Smoke you later,

Information and Insight on the UAE


Navin said...

Welcome Grapeshisha. How do you get the time to do all of this? I look forward to your blog.

Anonymous said...

er, is that secret dubai diary hiding behind another alias? And why?

secretdubai said...

No, it's not ;)

grapeshisha said...

Secretdubai is Secretdubai and Grapeshisha is Grapeshisha. Secretdubai may smoke grapeshisha on occasion, and Grapeshisha may have some secrets about Dubai, but no, Secretdubai and Grapeshisha are not one in the same. Am I...?

samuraisam said...


nzm said...

Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!

Anonymous said...

me finks dat dare be summink in dat shisha, ya know.

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