27 February, 2006

An American's Take on American Reaction to DP World

...The misfortune for Dubai regarding the DP World controversy is that such negative (and inaccurate) perceptions become reinforced. But there is an upside, one that brings to mind the common saying, "There's no such thing as negative publicity." In large part Dubai was simply an unknown quantity in distant America. DP World has changed this--faster than the Burj Dubai, the man-made Palm islands or any other of Dubai's imaginative new development projects ever could. Some will venture beyond the headlines to discover the jewel in the hat (of the Middle East) that Dubai more closely resembles. It is common to see in the local blogosphere the expat community rally around the cause of DP World--as at UAE Community Blog. It isn't simply a matter of cheering on the local team, but rather a reflection of the awareness gained from living in Dubai and experiencing it is a desireable place to live and invest one's assets in.

The above is an excerpt from a broader analysis which I present in American Interest in the Dubai Marina ...amid acromony over the Dubai Ports World deal.

American Johnny Rockets hamburger joint at Marina Walk.


samuraisam said...

mmmmmmmm, who cares about stupid ports ffs,
i want some johhny rockets now.

number 11 burger or whatever it is called, and some chilli fries.


John B. Chilton said...


Nicely stated. Have you thought about tacking on some technorati tags to your posts?
Technorati Help: Tags

SD, As our UAE community blog mistress, how about going to technorati, claiming this blog and adding some tags to the blog itself.
Technorati Search for: uaecommunity.blogspot.com


Harsha said...

dont they have a johhny rockets in jumeirah too?

samuraisam said...

yeah and in mall of the emirates, or that other one.

johnny rockets = good.

I miss johnny rockets /:

nzm said...

here you go, Sam - Johnny's Burgers

Just for you!


samuraisam said...


now i'm really hungry.

damnit, can't get good burgers here /:

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