22 February, 2006

RAK Launches RAK Airways: 4th UAE Airline Carrier

RAK Airways Announcement Conference
Vice Chairman of RAK Airways making the announcement for the launch of RAK Airways

The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah has announced Tuesday February 14 the creation of RAK Airways, the UAE's fourth national carrier which will start operations by the end of 2006.

Making the announcement at a press conference held at Hotel Al Hamra Fort, Sheikh Salem bin Sultan al Qasimi, Chairman of RAK Civil Aviation and Vice Chairman of the company, said that RAK Airways will be a private joint stock company incorporated in the RAK Free Zone at Jazirat Al Hamra with an authorized capital of AED 1.5 billion.

The airline would initially operate a fleet of 8 aircrafts and negotiations are going on with Airbus Industries and Boeing for acquiring the aircrafts. RAK Airways propose to undertake flights to India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon and GCC countries initially.

The Board of Directors of the company include Sheikh Omar bin Saqr Al Qasimi as Chairman and Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi as Vice Chairman.

Alot of important business events are taking place in Ras Al Khaimah recently. It is about time that Ras Al Kahimah is following the footsteps of Dubai.

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Emirates Mac said...

I guess competition is good but I don't get why the UAE needs another airline.

Sajeeva from Sri Lanka said...

Would anyone know if RAK Airways is going to be a Low Cost Carrier like AirArabia or if its going to be a Full Service Carrier like EMIRATES ?

Hans said...

Good to know RAK airways comming to Sri Laka as a budget airlines hope will have good service better than air arabia and mihin lanka

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