28 February, 2006

Dead End Street: When Globalism Comes Home

What is all of this P&O-DPW stuff about? Globalism is supposed to make the world good for everyone. Winners take all and then split the booty right? Nah man! That's not it. Look at it this way. Dubai Ports World is a global player and that is well and good as long as they play on their side of the street. Just don't come over here, cause that when it's going to get down and dirty; which is why guys like Ridgeway gets away with smearing Dubai, UAE, and it's rulers. They outa be sued for slander.

"Hey but didn't the IMF tell us to diversify? To not depend on oil?" You got it, but if you are going to throw your chips in with the bulls and bears on Wall Street and try to play Ibn Arabi the navigator, let me tell you that the guys down on the Jersey Shore are not going to play that at all. So now plan B is to tax everybody out of here and make a financial fitnah so that in a little while Dubai will look like Loisaida or even worst my beloved Brick City .

In last week's Village Voice, writer James Ridgeway, stated that our own Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum spends time entertaining Osama in the desert. What about Bush and his buddy, Kenneth "Kennyboy" Lay? And his vice-prez Ka-ching Cheney? Clinton and Monica? Well, over there it's not the friends you keep it's the one that you make others forget.
And no one is going to forget Osama for a while and as long as he and everyone in the Gulf can trace their lineage to these hot sands and take the Kaaba as direction in which they prostrate, there will be a problem.

It was ok when everyone was belly dancing and flying around on carpets, but now that have traded in their rugs for Rovers the trouble has just begun.

Let me say again, you can’t be ‘em and you can’t join ‘em, so just forget ‘em.


Anonymous said...

who am i?

Anonymous said...

All well and good...but you can stop bleating about american concerns about Dubai Ports (where are irrational) when 100% foreign ownership is allowed here. Fair is fair. And don't give me any twaddle about the "Fee Zones"

BD said...

^^^ You raise a good point about 100% foreign ownership. So the people in the know should deal with that issue and not imaginary ones. Let US congressmen who care about a fair playing field rail about that point instead. Of course, if not company ownership restrictions, the US has its own anti-free trade policies. So, these need to be dealt with as well.

The problem with the ports controversy is that it has nothing to do with good economic or good foreign policy. It's all about people playing on other people's fears for political gain.

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