11 February, 2006

Khalifa issues IT law :: Gulf Today

Khalifa issues IT law :: The Gulf Today

Abu dhabi: President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has issued Federal Law No. (2) of 2006 with respect to fighting Information Technology (IT) crimes, according to which transgressing the principles and values of Islam on the Internet or by using any means of IT will carry a fine of not less than Dhs50,000 and jail for one year.

Publishing news or pictures of private or family life on the Internet or any means of IT that offend family values, even if such news or pictures are true, is also similarly punishable.

The law also stipulates jail term of not more than seven years to those charged with opposing Islamic religion and harming the principles of Islam.


moryarti said...

Thank you John. All bloggers should be fully aware of this law ...

Anonymous said...

I read the post a few times and still can't figure out what it is supposed to mean.

No holiday snaps on Flikr?

secretdubai said...

My interpretation is they are too much of a pussy to actually come out and specify "naked" or "sexual" pictures - so instead they use some word that sounds as though a pic of moryarti's new baby would get him and his wife (and doubtless the baby too!) Al Wathba-d for a year.

Either that, or some phrase indicating secretly taken family photos (ie undercover pics of wedding parties, using a hidden camera)

And/or it's just a really bad translation and the Arabic is a lot more clear.

Neglected-ism said...

So, I can't blog my depressing life story anymore...because my family doesn't know that I am neglected-ism? Or...is there a more logical translation to this? =P

samuraisam said...

I think this is in relation to pictures of girls in "intimate encounters" and pictures disributed via bluetooth / MSN by 12 year olds UAE-wide.

Amazing. Ever since the Lee Ass-Hurt hacking of Etisalat in 2000, they said they were in the process of putting together cyber crime laws... IT ONLY TOOK 6 YEARS.

Neglected-ism said...

...and Sam, there still isn't any law on hacking in itself. Hacking still falls under the ambiguous category of 'tresspassing someone else's property'. These are more towards cyber 'content'. Thanks to the Flickr kids =)

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