11 February, 2006

Dubai Press Club Issues Report on Press Freedom

Dubai Press Club Issues Report on Press Freedom - UAE The Official Web Site

A Dubai-based civic body has called for instituting international legislations to protect Islamic sanctities and urged Arab leaders to engage in constructive dialogue with the West. A report titled "The Concept of Press Freedom", issued by Dubai Press Club, underscored the need for a set of internal political and economic reforms in the Arab and Islamic world, including institutionalization of freedom of the press and expression. "Freedom of opinion can not be boundless, however, It should not infringe on personal liberties or offend religious beliefs or national feelings", said the report. . . .

One of the main objectives of the report, according to the Club's Executive Director, Mohammed Al Mansouri, is to address the ambiguity shrouding the concept of press freedom from Arab and Western perspectives, and the need to set limits for freedom of expression so that it should not infringe on other human rights.
. . .
The report said the spontaneous reaction of the Arab and Moslem masses had demonstrated that the boycott weapon remained an effective means for recovering legitimate rights. The best way to contain the sentimental reaction of the masses, suggests the report, is through democratization and a structural reform of the education system. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)

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