17 February, 2006

Items from last week that I missed

Gulfnews: Blogs come of age - Which raises the question, when will GN have in-house bloggers, when will it have an open comment section to those blogs, and when will it provide hot links to blogs that might have something useful to say?

A senior official at the University said: "Whatever you read was wrong." - The Zayed University official clarified that Hirst will be allowed to complete the current academic year to prevent further disruption of student interests. The official said: "All links with him will be severed after June 14."

Companies mull change of 'Made in Denmark' tag - Not sure how many people this would fool. Are there many products that we don't know are Danish? For those that we don't associate with Denmark because they are essentially generic, I'd guess the economic consequence of the boycott is small because consumers view the Danish and non-Danish brands as interchangeable. If one group of consumers boycotts the Danish brand then other consumers will see more of the Danish brand on their shelves, but prices and aggregate sales levels of each brand will remain the same.

Many of the Uzbek women detained were from Samarkand and said they were going to Dubai to take up "an invitation from a sister living there" - "We feel good that we managed to save a large group of desperate girls from a disgraceful experience abroad. Who knows what fate would befall them there? We do hope that they will return to their homes and reconsider," one NSS official who coordinated the operation, said.

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