05 February, 2006


I regularly visit www.maxima.org as I am a Nissan Maxima enthusiast and own one as well. However, Etisalat has blocked the member pages maxima.cardomain.com for some reason. Since I cannot bypass the proxy, can someone please check if there is anything objectionable on those pages? It's a site for car enthusiasts for God's sake!!

EDIT by secretdubai (since Blogger doesn't allow pics in comments) - here's a screenshot. Click to get the full-size version:


CartoonMan said...

There are rumours that people are driving Nissans in Denmark these days. I suspect that is the reason.

secretdubai said...

There you go.

Perhaps "Top Ten Rides" was confused with something rather less auto-oriented, this being the UAE'n'all...?

Tim Newman said...

Gosh, how could you even think of going onto a site with member rides splashed across it!!

Won't someone think of the children??!!

naamer said...

I just went to the link since I am in UK and I didn't find anything ojectionable. It's the same as your screen shot.

clayfuture said...

I think I should write to Etisalat to unblock this site. Ridiculous. Reminds me of the time they blocked "HOTmail" !!!

Desert_Weasel said...

I think it will be bloced for containing the word maxim - the magazine site which is blocked.
Just shows how crap this software is.

samuraisam said...

wrong, and uae community isn't the place to complain about it.
Securecomputing lists the website as pornography/sex, securecomputing is the company which Etisalat contracts for the majority of it's blocking lists, a vast number of blocks are not due to Etisalat but due to the incompetence of securecomputing, for instance they have a category for websites pertaining to p2p/file sharing, yet they list many file sharing websites as "criminal skills" which means they get blocked in the UAE, incidentally, skype is blocked on purpose by Etisalat.
Contrary to popular belief Etisalat does not and will never have the resources to hire enough people to scour the entire internet for bad websites, it's an impossible task for an ISP of a country of less than 5 million people.

KL said...

They mixed it up with

"MAXIM" Magazine

Thats my explanation....

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