23 February, 2006

Dramatic Weather Today

Jebel Ali, off Shiekh Zayed Road.

Anyone else with photos or links to share?


fabio prado said...

Wow BD, here at the other side of the planet, weather is really bad too!!! Check the link below!


nzm said...


J. Edward Tremlett said...

gah! You're making me homesick for Dubai : (

John B. Chilton said...

Nice pics all.

Last time it rained the Sharjans were able to drive across the sand under the power lines dividing Sharjah from Dubai. If there had been a toll booth on any of the main arteries they could have been easily defeated.

That was last year, after a rain of maybe an hour. Now we've had two days of steady rain.

If you are among those stuck in the Sharjah-Dubai drivetime jam on the 311 you've now got countable alternative routes to work and back.

silentmode_v2 said...

check out mine:


Anonymous said...

I had taken a few pics.. sadly I didn't brought my cam that much with me as I travelled in the city during the rainy days..

These is how the rain went in the silent
unrecognized streets of Dubai.

John B. Chilton said...


Great pics, no, great art.


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