28 February, 2006

Answering the port whine

Mudville Gazette quotes the Financial Times - "the crisis creates a perfect opportunity for the president to educate the Congress and the public on what globalisation means in practice, how it generally benefits Americans and the world at large, and how wrong it is to lump all Arabs, Muslims and Middle Easterners into a scary, undifferentiated mass."

Globalization rules. (Shameless plug.)


nzm said...

Also found this syndicated little goodie from James J. Zogby in The Jordan Times

BD said...

Well written piece at Mudville Gazette--although the Indian metaphor seems to obscure the point more than enhance it. The article echoes a lot of my own sentiments--like embarrassment at finding myself on the same side of the argument as George W. Bush. Now why can't Bush take such a rational and courageous stand when it comes to questions about US support for Israel? (That is why doesn't he end the US's double standard on that issue.)

Likewise I find myself deriding one of the Democrat's great hopefuls, Hillary Clinton. I agree totally with the view that it is Bush's own rhetoric on terrorism that has now come to be used against him. If little Dubai weren't caught up in the crossfire I might like to sit back and laugh at the whole pathetic affair.

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