12 February, 2006

Bridge the Gap :: Volkskrant Weblog

Volkskrant Weblog :: Bridge the Gap
A better tradition in blogging - cross-border and cross-cultural understanding

An initiative of a Dutch (Holland) and a Syrian blogger brought together in blogspace in the aftermath of the cartoon crisis.

TigerHawk explains:
Dozens of bloggers, including Glenn Reynolds, linked yesterday to Paul Reynolds' article, "Bloggers: an army of irregulars." One of them was Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah, who observes that the bridging of cultures is one of blogging's great promises and possibilities (and it is something Haitham works at every day).* Haitham links to a joint project between a Syrian and a Dutch blogger (started yesterday -- the army of irregulars moves quickly) to "bridge the gap" between Muslim and Western perceptions, particularly as it relates to the cartoon intifada (a phrase which I admit does not sound very gap-bridging).

The posts at Bridge the Gap are in English. Although the navigational instructions are in Dutch if you know your way around a blog you can figure out the links.

Much has been said about the power of the Internet to accelerate crises. . . . Bridge the Gap is a new example of a better tradition in blogging: cross-border and cross-cultural communication between individuals who want to do some good in the world.

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