08 January, 2007

ARRGH! I Got me a deal!

-- begin rant ---

You have heard of the AIDS victims, now hear about an ADS victim. Yes, I fell victim to the DSF mania when I went ahead and bought something I totally did not need and will not use! :)

The advertisements screaming out the once-in-a-lifetime deals made me feel sick with worry that if I dont take advantage of one of these 'great deals' now, I will have to wait One Whole Year before the next DSF is here.

-- End rant ---

Now I wonder about the wisdom of the old saying: "A fool and his money...." LOL


Anonymous said...

I have some beach front property in Arizona that might interest you, wanna buy?

Shiva said...

Swap for a white-painted sandstone house built in the late Georgian style? Ideally located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Balushi said...

I went to buy a mobile phone from a leading mobile seller!

the deal was; BUY Mobile worth 350/- or over and GET an 400/- Worth Voucher to buy Gold and jewllery from blabla!

I got coned. This was a worst conn after since The Dubai the city that cares promotion!

I mean what the hell, the voucher i cud only use it after shopping gold and jewellry worth 2000/- from blabla.

The DEAL was TOOOO Good to be true But the way it was ADS-VERTISED, I thought its true!

just like "City that Cares"

Anonymous said...

balushi you got "coned" in the ass?

secretdubai said...

What did you buy Shiva?

Shiva said...

Ah I bought an MP3 player, and today, I sold it :D Hurrah!

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