25 January, 2007

Interesting Perspective by Najla Al Rostamani

"The snowballing reactions of Shilpa's close encounter with "racism" in the house of Celebrity Big Brother, the British reality television show, forced me to recollect the scenario of the unofficial poor mobile video footage of Saddam's hanging. So where is the connection between the two?"

In an age that is governed by the rules of an immediate, constant, instant, direct media, almost everything seems to have the tendency to become part of the public domain. Media in all shapes, forms, sizes, tastes and colours, is available for all to look at, form a perception on and act upon it or react numbly to it. Everything appears to be legitimate enough to go on display for public viewing.""

"If the world had not viewed Saddam's life ending while being taunted by his executioners, how would his execution have been imprinted in human memory? How different would our reactions be with and without the official and the unofficial versions?"

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nzm said...

Harsha: Your link to GN will most likely expire soon.

Here's the link to the archived article.

blogrosh said...

Slightly off topic - perhaps it's the height of hypocrisy when Indians (the land of white creams, 'cause most Indian women want to be white and the caste system) cries out racism? The fact is, Shilpa has repeated in her interviews, she doesn't feel pretty 'cause she is tanned, unlike her sister who is light skinned.

I think Goody's comments were insults, but not racist. And you know what, this what happens in provocative reality shows like Big Brother. Shilpa knew what she was getting into. She's paid bags of monies to appear on the show.

Her PR is playing this up, for maximum exposure and am sincerely sick & tired of this drama.

blogrosh said...

However, I agree the impact/difference interactive media (with visual & sound)can make the world seem smaller - this however, isn't new "news".

archer14 said...

Yep, her flagging career has been given a boost. And Indians will always burn effigies and show their brotherly love...turn over to the matrimonials and its the biggest flea market of beautiful aka fair skinned, tall, educated, engineers, doctors, dentists and 'metropolitans' battling it out to find that issspayshul person.

advantange of her long legs said...

it is noted that she is a black belt in karate;so y didn't she just smash racist jade goody (!) in the nose & tell her 2 apologize? i would ahve done that& i'm a yellow belt! violence may not be the answer to any of the problems but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!!

Anonymous said...

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