26 January, 2007


I am always fascinated by the unintended juxtapositions. Take two stories about the experiences of two very different foreigners, newly arrived to Dubai, seeking to make money, in today's Gulf News. In the online version, they are listed one after the other (in the Society section):

[Australian] Supermodel 'blown away' by Dubai
[Bangladeshi] Newcomer to Dubai has his hopes dashed


poo said...

haha ... nice catch brn

Funny its always a certain segment of humanity that loves sandland.

Anonymous said...

So did this guy get a fine too ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the Supermodel wouldve got my vote of success if both were put infront of me.

Tough luck Golam, I hope you get your passport back.

Anonymous said...

Nice juxtaposition. However I don't see why the complete lack of integrity of Golam's relative and compatriot should reflect badly on the UAE. Or maybe that IS the point...

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